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Multi-Engine Land (MEL)

Of the Course

The FAA Multi-Engine Land – MEL (A) is a step forward to your aviation dream. 

Attaining the FAA Multi-Engine Land – MEL (A) rating extends privileges of FAA Private Pilot License – PPL (A) and Commercial Pilot License – CPL (A) which allows you to fly aircraft with more than one engine.

One of the main takeaways of the training is to understand the differences between a single engine land and a multi-engine land aircraft. 

Once you complete your Multi Engine Land training, you will get your MEL(A) qualification added on your FAA Private Pilot License – PPL(A) or FAA Commercial Pilot License – CPL(A).

The Multi Engine Piston rating is valid for 12 months and is renewed with a flight test with a Flight Examiner.

Ground Training

Theoretical preparation takes 5 hours with an instructor, during which you will become familiar with the multi engine land airplane, systems and aerodynamics. You will also learn the procedures and maneuvers that apply in multi-engine airplane during normal and engine-out operations under VFR and IFR.
The ground training is approximated to be about 5 hours. There is no minimum required time by the FAA.

Flight Training

The flight training takes 10 hours minimum of dual flight instruction including instruction in engine failures and asymmetric configuration.
The training is divided into 5 stages:

  • Stage 1: Departure

  • Stage 2: Airwork

  • Stage 3: Arrivals and Landing Procedures

  • Stage 4: Abnormal and Emergency Procedures

  • Stage 5: Simulated Asymmetric Flight

Flight Training Stages

Arrivals and Landings procedures
Abnormal and Emergency procedures
Simulated Asymmetric flight
Practical examination
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5



Be at least 18 year old.
Be at least a FAA PPL(A) holder.


Valid Class III Medicals


Proficiency in English – reading, writing, speaking.

Why Choose Flying Academy

Access Innovative Learning Management System

Broad International Community

Top of the Line Fleet

Experienced & Talented instructors

Located in USA & Europe

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Complete ground training from the comfort of your home

Interactive Coursework, Stage Checks, and Monitored Progress

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Vienna, Austria
Prague, Czech Republic
Brno East, Czech Republic
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Brno West Falcon Field, Czech Republic
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