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EASA / ICAO to FAA Conversion

Having trouble flying in the United States with the EASA Pilot License? Flying Academy brings forward the EASA to FAA Conversion Program to help ease your way into flying in the US whenever you want! 

ICAO English is mandatory, so start now!

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Where to start?

Depending on the type of license, the process of conversion from EASA to FAA differs. To convert your EASA Private Pilot License to FAA Private Pilot License is quite simple. In accordance with the 14 CFR 61.75, the PPL License is the only pilot license that can be converted to FAA without any further testing, including all ratings that fall under this license with the exception of the Instrument Rating (IR). The Instrument Rating issued under PPL will require 10 hours of theoretical training and 10 hours of flight training. The issued FAA PPL will be valid for as long as your current EASA PPL is valid. 

NOTE: Do not schedule any travel and/or check rides, etc until a valid Verification Letter has been obtained from the Airmen Certification Branch.

EASA / ICAO to FAA Conversion Step By Step

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